11 Signs You Are an Empath – Traits of a Highly Sensitive Person

People who are empaths are extremely perceptive and are able to experience and internalize the feelings of others who are around them.

And empaths, like introverts, are liable to be overstimulated by a lot of people and commotion.

They frequently experience feelings of exhaustion and drowsiness.

There are a few features that set empaths apart from introverts, despite their numerous similarities. Learn the most typical characteristics of an empath by watching this video. If you have some of these traits or maybe some of these signs apply to you, maybe you’re an empath!

Life Coach for Highly Sensitive Person

1. You’re Good At Reading People

When it comes to deciphering the motivations of others, empaths have a strong sixth sense. Their ability to detect a liar or a fake is well-developed. They have excellent observational skills and can quickly “read” other people by interpreting their nonverbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions.

2. You’re Quirky and Full of Imagination

You tend to be an empath and, more frequently, a cultural innovator if you have a sensitive energy antenna. Most likely you are an…

  • Artist
  • Singer
  • Mathematician
  • Inventor
  • Social revolutionary

And… you’re driven to achieve things that most people don’t understand. That goes against the grain because you feel inspiration from beyond.

3. You Adore Nature and Animals

Empaths have a strong emotional connection to animals. Therefore, you won’t find them leaving their pets tied outside for hours on end. You probably have a pet or two, and spending time in nature helps you release the bad vibes you’ve picked up from people.

When you have such a strong capacity for empathy that you sense the anguish of animals when they are slaughtered, consuming meat is a dissonant experience. The decision to adopt a vegan diet might be a relief to your emotional health.

4. You Can Sense the Vibe in Any Situation

Have you ever been in a similar situation?  When you enter a social gathering, you can instantly sense the vibe of the people there, regardless of whether it’s good or bad!

If you get a good vibe from it, you might decide to participate in the fun. You may opt to leave if you get a bad vibe from it.

5. You Long For Your ‘Alone Time’ Often

Because of their kind and generous nature, empaths frequently find themselves surrounded by like-minded individuals.

However, you absorb the feelings of others around you like a sponge, and this eventually wears you down. You feel like others are draining your vitality. You feel the need for some quiet time alone to restore your energy and equilibrium.

Being alone oneself may sometimes be a source of new ideas and inspiration.

6. You’re Particularly Sensitive

Overstimulation can cause emotional responses in highly sensitive individuals because of the wide range of stimuli they are sensitive to. But it’s not that you’re a baby about things like that; you simply feel things extremely intensely.

One might expect to shed tears when listening to a story about a person’s harrowing experience. But since you’re so sensitive to the feelings of others, you’re prone to wild fluctuations in your own mood.

7. You Like Making Peace

You can’t tolerate conflict if you’re an empath, which is a trait. When faced with a potentially contentious scenario, you will either do all in your power to avoid it or jump to a quick resolution.

If you keep at anything long enough, you’ll eventually succeed. In addition, you take media portrayals of hostility and violence very seriously. All that time spent in front of the TV and the movies have had a profound effect on you. Watching graphic depictions of violence on TV might make you feel sick or make you cry.

8. You Have a Broad Taste in Music

The musical tastes of empaths are rather varied. The music you like to listen to might change depending on how you’re feeling at the time.

You should always be aware of the messages sent by the music you listen to, but you should be extra careful about this. The lyrics of a song have the potential to have a profound emotional impact. It’s best to listen to instrumental music on sometimes.

9. You Zone Out During Conversations

When people need to talk about anything, they frequently turn to empaths.

While empaths are excellent listeners, they aren’t great at talking when it comes to small chats.  For one moment, you can be listening to a friend describe her day at the office, and in the next, your mind might be trying to make sense of something someone said to you.

When you zone out, it’s usually because you’re experiencing boredom or disconnection from the topic at hand.

10. You’re Very Free Spirited

Empaths are, at their core, free spirits.

Being a free spirits they find structure and regularity stifling. Being confined to a cubicle for eight hours a day? The answer is no. You’re more likely to quit your job before you planned to if you’re not challenged intellectually and if you don’t find your work particularly intriguing.

You like the independence of finding your own path in the world and are naturally drawn to experiences that allow you to do so, whether it’s through travel, exploration, or anything else.

11. You’re a Good Listener

People who are sensitive and empathetic often make great listeners. The comfort you bring to your loved ones may make them turn to you first in times of need.

When you care about something strongly, it might be challenging to tell other people when you’re getting close to becoming overwhelmed. However, moderation is key.

Unchecked acts of empathy and compassion can lead to “emotional dumps” that are difficult to process on your own. It’s possible that empaths are more prone to being harmed by toxic people or manipulated.

Because of your good intentions, you may miss warning indications of poisonous behavior in others you are trying to assist.

Perhaps you’ve gained some insight into the suffering that’s driving their actions and feel compelled to reach out in some way. Still, keep in mind that you can’t help someone who isn’t willing to alter their behavior.


If several of the items on this list connect with you, you are likely an empath.

Take this as a sign of greatness, a sign that you are gifted and creative. Think you’re an empath and need some guidance. I can help you navigate life with ease and be unapologetically yourself!  Want to talk? Schedule your free consultation.

Along with being a Certified Life Coach,  and Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, I am an empath myself, so I understand all aspects of navigating life with this special superpower!