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Stop Self SabotageThis guide outlines the core aspects of self-sabotage and how to stop those often intense, negative voices of self-doubt, shame and imposter syndrome. 

It includes some of the most common words that when we notice, we can begin to shift out of self-sabotage and into manifesting anything we want in life!

This is really life-changing.

How To Communicate BetterHave you ever had trouble communicating with a spouse, partner, child, parent, friend or colleague? That can get really frustrating…

In this guide, you will be introduced to what I consider one of the best systems to compassionate communication. It works in all situations, both personal and professional. And it provides a format that you will both understand yourself better and avoid dialogues that escalate into arguments.

Love Language QuizDid you know there is actually “one thing” most people do in all dating and relationship scenarios that inevitably causes their relationships to fail?

It’s very likely that they don’t know what their love language is, and that of their partner. But knowing your love is not only about your significant other, it’s all the relationships in your life, including family and friends.

As a relationship coach, I guide you to learn from past patterns getting in your way to create new ones.

Attachment StyleWondering if you did something wrong, or second guessing yourself all the time? Most likely, you’ve met someone with attachment system that clashes or triggers yours.

In this guide, you will read about Attachment theory plus the quiz to find your style is included. Attachments styles are manners in which we relate to other people, especially in love relationships. The idea is that your attachment style is based on how your social and emotional needs were met and how you developed attachments to your primary caregivers. Understanding your style, will give you that aha! that you are looking for to stop the struggle in finding or keeping your relationships.

Top 5 Ways To Manifest What You Want Most 1Raise your Vibration with 68 awesome affirmations.  In this PDF, you will read about why affirmations make such a difference and how they can change your reality. 

There are affirmations on love, money, abundance, success, plus a formula to create your own affirmation!



Top 5 Ways To Manifest What You Want MostFeeling Low or frustrated about not having what you want. Whether you realize it or not, you are manifesting all time. You are either manifesting what you want or what you don’t want.

Read about the top 5 ways to manifest successfully!