Breakup Coaching

Breakup Coach
  • Release negative thoughts and trauma
  • Repair Your Self Esteem
  • Heal from challenging experiences
  • Bounce back with deeper insight and confidence
  • Re-imagine what’s possible for you
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Dating Coaching

Dating Coach
  • Attract new love
  • Stop repeating negative patterns & self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Supercharge your self-worth and confidence
  • Understand and Heal Your Attachment Style
  • Get a personalized dating strategy
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Relationship Coaching

Spirituality Coach
  • Decide if you should stay or leave
  • Improve communication to feel heard and understood
  • Avoid common dysfunctional dynamics
  • Increase connection, intimacy and affection
  • Get clear and take action to make long awaited changes
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There is beauty and grace in Jacqueline’s viewpoint. She is so wise and astute and her advice was spot on. Jacqueline is really great at seeing the big picture and thinking outside the box.” —Ketzia

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Understand Your Attachment Style

Attachment Style QuizWondering if you did something wrong, or second guessing yourself all the time? Most likely, you’ve met someone with attachment system that clashes or triggers yours.

In this guide, you will read about Attachment theory plus the quiz to find your style is included. Attachments styles are manners in which we relate to other people, especially in love relationships. The idea is that your attachment style is based on how your social and emotional needs were met and how you developed attachments to your primary caregivers. Understanding your style, will give you that aha! that you are looking for to stop the struggle in finding or keeping your relationships.

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