Manifestation Coaching

Ready to become an incredibly successful manifestor?

Coaching with me will help you shift your mindset so you can make your vision a reality. Wherever you are starting from, this program will help you!

I have created a simple, yet effective set of steps, based on the understanding of ancient teachings.

You will learn principles of energy, universal laws, ancient spirituality, subconscious & inner child work, and self-sabotage resetting.  You will eliminate all the blocks that are keeping you stuck. When you set a crystal-clear vision and move towards it, you turbocharge your success.

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If you’re ready to tap into the full power of the Universe, this program is for YOU!

  • Want to call in love, a new career, more money or something specific you desire?
  • Lack the motivation or confidence to create what you want most?
  • Feeling stuck because you’ve already tried to manifest and it didn’t work?
  • Need someone to make things clear and show you a simple yet profound way to both envision and achieve your goals?
  • Curious about how to use your energy to help you manifest?

You can have YOUR unique dream!

I am here to guide you on that journey towards the life you want to create. I have gave gathered the most effective Manifestation techniques, spiritual principles, and success strategies you need to know to implement ASAP. 

If you are looking for that missing key that you haven’t found just yet…you will find it in this program.

The commonly known system of manifestation is from the logical mind and masculine energy,  the “go” mode, a process that comes from a space of the force through action rather than one that is rather than intuitive, allowing space, and feminine energy, the “flow“ and embodied mode. 

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A little bit about me…

I’m Jacqueline Neuwirth, Founder of the “Manifest Abundance” Coaching Series.

I am a Certified Life Coach, PCC, Master Neurolinguistic Programming Specialist, MNLP and Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, RYS200

I have successfully coached hundreds of clients to release the blocks that hold them back. As a result, my clients are able to achieve their goals with more ease and confidence.

I’m also a mom, entrepreneur, friend, sister, artist, mentor, and inspired by all things related to finding true happiness and seeing the possibilities!

For over 25 years, I have been using the laws of manifestation and called in many of my dreams including several successful businesses, building a home from scratch, a successful art practice, and much more.

I worked one-on-one with a zen monk and have learned so much through my life experiences that I would feel honored to share with you!


Most people only know of one law – the Law of Attraction. Did you know that there are 12 laws that are guiding the manifesting process? Practicing only one of the 12 laws is why most people get stuck and aren’t able to call in what you desire.  Synergy and implementation of the different aspects of manifestation will supercharge your jouney. I will explain each of the laws in detail AND share with you exactly how to apply all 12 so that you can see the success you deserve.

My approach to being able to create in your life what you want most,  includes redirecting your subconscious mind (the part of your mind that lies underneath the surface and is responsible for creating 95% of your reality); releasing the things that are getting in the way of you receiving the things you want; and tapping you into the limitless potential of your authentic self.



Infinite potential arises when you tap into your divine radiance!

I originally learned the old belief about manifestation as a logical, conscious mind process that could just be forced through action rather than one that is rather than an intuitive process connected to your level of embodiment and in-tune with your divine radiant energy.

I’ve been lucky enough to discover the success principles of manifestation and experience my visions come into reality.  I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life studying all the mechanics of creation.

Manifesting is MORE than “just think it and it will happen.”

I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned from studying Neurolinguistic Programming, the Enneagram and how Self Sabotage relates to the Subconscious Mind, Masculine & Feminine Polarity Principles, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Energetics.


Let's Work Together

  • 60-minutes each, either by phone or zoom
  • Discover your Enneagram type and your top self-sabotage patterns to understand your true self. And use that to get the clarity you are looking for.
  • Over obstacles that are keeping you stuck.
  • Accountability and guidance exercises for investigation and growth between calls
  • Results-driven coaching to meet your goals

“Jacqueline is a masterful coach! She deeply understands creative thinking and fosters a dynamic space for exploration. Most importantly, she is very intuitive and insightful. Our conversations are so helpful!” —Rainey

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Here are a few of the aspects of coaching my clients find most informative and life-changing…

Understand Your Core Self-Defeating Beliefs, aka…self-sabotage

Self-sabotaging inner critics cause self-doubt and create lots of noise in your mind and these voices are at the core of.

The first step to success in your life is understanding the inner negative self-talk and how it’s getting in your way.

There are core limiting “I am…” statements, that almost all self-defeating beliefs originate from and they are:

  • I am not safe.
  • I am worthless.
  • I am powerless.
  • I am not loveable.
  • I cannot trust others.
  • I am bad.
  • I am alone.

Together we will uncover and heal these! I have a special quiz to help discover your top saboteurs. It’s based on the Positive Intelligence movement and is used for both personal and professional environments to help you understand your subconscious mind and gives insight to your top inner critics.

Knowing Your Attachment Style… A total game changer!

Wondering if you did something wrong, or second-guessing yourself all the time? Have difficulty with confidence or avoidant patterns?

The idea is that your attachment style is based on how your social and emotional needs were met and how you developed attachments to your primary caregivers. Understanding your style, will give you that aha! that you are looking for to stop the struggle in many aspects of your life

The four core adult attachment styles are: Secure, Avoidant, Anxious and Disorganized. Uncovering your style and the style of the people you are in a relationship with can be mind-blowing!  This information is really pivotal. Once you understand this, all your actions and relationships become clearer.

Discovering your Enneagram…

Client feedback is always “wow, how come I never knew this before”.

The Enneagram is a useful guide on your journey towards self-development, relationship building, conflict resolution and just helping you realize, own and accept your strengths and weaknesses. It offers a pathway for growth and change.

It’s a method of understanding your personality as well as thinking, feelings, actions and blindspots. It is not a way to box yourself in or categorize yourself.

The Enneagram of Personality Types is a modern synthesis of a number of ancient wisdom traditions. The word Enneagram comes from the Greek words ennea (nine) and gram (what is written or drawn). It refers to the nine different Enneagram styles, identified through numbers 1-9. Each number represents a worldview and archetype that resonates with your core motivations. The philosophy behind the Enneagram contains components from mystical Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, and ancient Greek philosophy (particularly Socrates, Plato, and the Neo-Platonists), so it’s been around for a long time.

In our coaching sessions, I include understanding your shadow side, inner child visualizations and many more deep experiences to heal, learn and grow.

Many people live their lives feeling invisible, unheard and unseen. Our voice is our essence and it takes courage to allow ourselves to be seen. Part of having healthy relationships is having the confidence to show up as your true self and understanding where you might be sabotaging your happiness.

I am here to guide you on that journey towards the life you want to build and the love you want to experience. A desire for lasting love—true love—is so natural. So why is it so hard to let go of the baggage of past experiences, or date with confidence knowing you can tell the green flags from the red flags? How wonderful would it be to be with a partner with whom you will feel heard, seen, respected, and truly loved?

Manifestation becomes an easy, effortless & natural process where your reality shifts according to your desires.


Free Download How to Manifest What You Want Most 

I have created this guide to provide powerful tips to calling in what you want most in life…And how to stop those negative voices of self-doubt, shame and low self-worth. This PDF includes 5 core methods that are easy and simple. I hope you enjoy it!