Life Purpose Coach

Life Purpose Coach

Do you feel confused about what your purpose is and what would really make you happy in life? Are you procrastinating thinking about it or stuck in perfectionist mindset? Unable to explore and think about the possibilities for ourself?

I am here to guide you towards uncovering and embracing your life purpose. Your journey to fulfillment is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about aligning with your true essence and the unique path that is meant for you. Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and profound insight. As a life coach deeply attuned to intuitive wisdom.

Are you asking yourself?

  • What am I going to do with my life?
  • How will I know my purpose in life?
  • Why do I feel unfullfilled?
  • Who am I?
  • Is there something I am meant to be doing?
  • How do I figure out my life?


Business CoachUnderstanding Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is the essence that defines your deepest passions, talents, and values. It is the calling that resonates with the core of your being, waiting to be fully realized and expressed. Discovering this purpose is not just about choosing a career path or a goal; it’s about uncovering the profound reason for your being, your personal mission that guides you towards fulfillment and contribution.

How My Coaching Can Help

  • Intuitive Guidance: Leveraging my intuitive wisdom, I offer insights that go beyond the surface, helping you connect with your innermost desires and aspirations.
  • Self-Discovery Process: Through thoughtful questions and reflective exercises, we will explore your life’s experiences, values, and passions to unveil the unique purpose that lies within you.
  • Overcoming Barriers: Together, we will identify and work through fears, limiting beliefs, and external pressures that may be hindering your path to fulfillment.
  • Actionable Strategies: I will provide practical steps and personalized strategies to align your daily life with your life purpose, ensuring that each step you take is a step towards your true calling.
  • Continuous Support and Accountability: As your coach, I will be your steadfast supporter and guide, offering encouragement and accountability as you journey towards your goals.

Embark on Your Path to FulfHow to recover from a breakupillment

Remember, understanding and living your life purpose is a transformative process that brings clarity, joy, and fulfillment. It’s about making meaningful choices that resonate with your true self. Whether you’re seeking direction, facing a transition, or simply yearning for a deeper sense of meaning, I am here to support you on this life-changing journey.

Let’s explore the path that your heart truly seeks. Together, we will unlock the potential that lies within you, guiding you to a life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

Are you having trouble allowing yourself to dream?

It may be because your negative self talk is in the way. Self-sabotaging inner critics cause self-doubt and create lots of noise in your mind and these voices are at the core of.

The first step to being able to envision your future and discover your purpose or purposes in your life is learning to distinguish between your the inner negative self-talk and what can be true for you.

There are core limiting “I am…” statements, that almost all self-defeating beliefs originate from and they are:

  • I don’t have the energy
  • I am too busy
  • It’s better to stick to what I’m doing
  • I am not capable of achieving things I want
  • I am not worthy of being happy

Understanding your saboteurs is a radical approach to creating your future!

CareerWith a heart-centered approach, I will teach you how to gain confidence, open your heart, cultivate self-love, and align with your authentic truth.

Together, we will nurture your growth,  and empower you to live a purpose-driven life.

I guide you to depths you may have never reached before, delving into the core of your being and addressing the root causes of your challenges.

Through our deeply personal coaching, we unlock past wounds and clear them so you can align with your personal truth and clear away any self-doubt.

Let's work together...

Life Purpose Coach

  • 60-minutes each, either by phone or zoom
  • Enneagram Type Discovery and Review
  • Self-Sabotage Decoding
  • Core Value Discovery
  • Accountability and Guidance
  • Results-Driven Coaching

“My sessions with Jacqueline were epic because she got my vision, felt the excitement I have for it, saw its potential for my life as an offering in the world. Then she spoke it back to me and I experienced it. That was powerful. For me, this was the first step in another direction; the beginning path of a new, transformational journey” —Cynthia

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