How to Overcome Perfectionism

You put so much time and energy into your life, relationships and career and you really want to be successful. Part of the problem of why you may not be thriving is perfectionism.


How to get over Perfectionism

Understand Perfectionism…

It’s a trait you may not realize you have until someone points it out to you and it’s also a fast track to unhappiness.

Branding and perfectionism are very interrelated. When it comes to branding, you want it to say so much and many people put off trying, as they may not get it perfect. The only way to improve is to dive in and begin the process.

1. Let go of ideals that are not in alignment with your higher good.

The best chance for success is to tap into and honor your core values. If you want your marketing material to sing together like a lovely chorus, you have to have a clear vision.

2. Clearing out the old

I’ve always been a minimalist, and I really enjoy going through my belongings and clearing out. My daughter, who was 15 at the time, told me I had to listen to an audiobook called “Spark Joy”. This inspired me to simplify even more. While I’m not going to talk in this blog about that tremendous joy that arises from giving things away, following Marie Condo’s suggestions started me a trajectory letting go. Starting with objects and then moving onto beliefs that no longer served me or values that had shifted over time.

Practicing getting rid of belongings, helps bring into your life and business that which is aligned with your higher good, and your heart.

3. Rely on your core values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs you about yourself and your business. They help you determine if you are on the right path to fulfilling your goals by creating an unwavering guide to follow.

When you know your core values, you are able to integrate them into your branding and messaging to attract the clients and businesses. Let go of perfectionism, self-doubt, and F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real).

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