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Holistic Life Coach

Hi, I’m Jacqueline. I support clients who feel stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, or confused. Through a holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit, I help you overcome challenges in love, relationships, career and confidence.

Our journey together will help you break out of self-sabotaging patterns, uncover what’s blocking you and overcome obstacles with greater ease and clarity.


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With practical tools and intuitive wisdom, I will guide you to discover the root of your problems, gain clarity, set goals, and achieve your desires.

I am here as your coach, mentor, accountability partner and brainstorming buddy. You will be one step closer to the vibrant life you deserve in each session.
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Our time together will foster true growth, learning, and deepening your understanding of your true self.

You will be able to connect the dots for a for fuller understanding of all the parts of you that may have been hidden and may be contributing to the challenges you are facing.
Mindset Coach

I will share with you the insights and techniques I’ve gained from studying both Eastern and Western Philosophies.

Psychology, Quantum Healing Techniques, Neurolinguistic Programming, Attachment Theory, Compassionate Communication, Masculine & Feminine Polarity Principles, Guided Visualizations, Shadow Work, and Inner Child Work.
Self Sabotage Coach
Whether you are struggling with one specific issue or a combination of topics, I am here to support you. Below is a partial list of areas I specialize in. Explore these topics to see how we can work together to address your concerns and help you thrive.

Happy Clients

“Jacqueline was the rock that held me together during the MOST difficult time in my life. She helped instill confidence and control back into my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance and support.” —Samantha

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“There is beauty and grace in Jacqueline’s viewpoint that I have not experienced with other coaches. She is so wise and astute and her advice was spot on. Jacqueline is really great at seeing the big picture and thinking outside the box. She helped me reframe my current challenges and gave alternative perspectives that were invaluable. I would very highly recommend. more >

Ketzia, Oregon

“Working with Jacqueline was quite extraordinary. She expertly combines her skills of intuition and wisdom with a deep level of listening. In addition, we covered topics in my personal life… family, kids and the many types of twists and turns that arise in everyday life. Our sessions together felt so integrated.”

Katie, California

Working with Jacqueline was both rewarding and inspiring. It led me to explore and dig into some patterns and blind spots that were holding me back in my relationships. Her though-provoking questions got me to face some of my limiting beliefs and take steps forward to live fully and see what’s possible for me when I embrace my vulnerability and own up to it. more >

Ruqaya, Dubai
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Stop Self Sabotage

This guide outlines the core aspects of self-sabotage and how to stop those often intense, negative voices of self-doubt, shame and imposter syndrome.

It includes some of the most common words that when we notice, we can begin to shift out of self-sabotage and into manifesting anything we want in life!

This is really life-changing.

Start Making Positive Change! Read more testimonials from my clients that say they feel clear, confident, empowered, in control, and hopeful for the first time . Read more from happy clients here….