— Graduate Studies, MFA, San Francisco State University, 1994

— BFA, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University, 1991

— School of Visual Arts, 1988

Capturing the sense of the magical, inspiring tranquility and creating a space for transcendence, is the aim of my work. Using symbolic narrative, I express the impossibly beautiful things I see on Earth.

The Animal series draws on rich metaphors in nature, exploring the beauty, strength and fragility of wild animals. The figures are ethereal depictions of animals including buffalo, elk and horses. They are often shrouded in a milky white fog and aim to evoke the mythic quality within each animal. Reminicent of Paleolithic cave paintings whose primal shapes connect us to our distant past of survival and exploration, they remind us of early humans capacity to interpret and give meaning to their surroundings. 

I search for the character of my subjects, creating of emotional connection so the viewer can bring themselves into each painting, and feel a depth, an intensity, a quietness or stillness.

In the Colorfield paintings, where solid areas of color cover the entire canvas, I explore the atmospheric effects of expanses of color, often with a horizon line, and by suggestion, beyond it to infinity.

Growing up outside New York City, the colors, tastes and textures of Manhattan’s diverse neighborhoods offered early inspiration. I studied at Parsons, Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I then completed my BFA at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and Tufts University and moved West to pursue graduate studies at San Francisco State University.

I have exhibited in galleries across the United States including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery, Art Expo New York and the Ritz Carlton.